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The Hawk Razor





It's the Hawk! It opens up easily and as seemlessly as a Hawk spreads its wings so that you can easily insert and replace your blade. We have done countless trials, worked with several factories, and found this is not only one of the best razors, it’s also one of the most convenient to use. You’ll find a lot of imitators but look closely at details and you’ll see our razor is a nick above. This razor is a mild-intermediate razor. As razors become more aggressive the closer the shave. We have found this razor has the best balance of both comfort and shave.  Great gift for any brother, dad, uncle, boyfriend, or yourself :)

-Chrome electroplated finish gives our razor a beautiful finish and lasting quality
-When you try our razor, you'll notice you don't hear the cutting sound you hear with some other razors. This is because our razor was designed to reduce the tug of your hairs as much as possible. You'll be surprised at the close shave you get, without all the tugging and uncomfortable pain of typical razors. You will quickly notice the difference compared to cartridge blades
-Why our razors are more affordable than the rest? We are a small team and we don't spend millions on marketing! We are giving you the flat out price for a great shave! Don't be fooled!
-Single blade razors end up saving you lots in the long run opposed to multi cartridge razors. All you need to rebuy are the blades which are generally about a 1 dollar piece across the board.
-Our razor uses high quality steel and conveniently features a single piece razor so there are no separate parts to deal with
-Micro comb system for a more comfortable, smoother shave
-Tested against the CHIEFTAIN Razor by VIKINGS BLADE and several ART OF SHAVING razors
-Includes stand and 5 premium Astra razor blades
-Please reference our FAQ section for tips on shaving and preserving your blade


Mike the Mason


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