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Our shave brush? You mean the Instigat-uh? Unrivaled badger hair brush guaranteed to give you the lather needed for a comfortable shave. We tested a number of different brushes and found this badger hair brush lasts the longest, gives you a rich lather with our shave soap, and is also very soft to the touch. Straight quality baby!!!

-Made from pure Badger hair for a soft, comfortable shave every time. It also helps exfoliate your skin before your shave

-The bristles absorb water to help you get a quicker and thicker lather. It also makes it very easy to rinse

-The bristle loss on this brush is minimal. So don't be frightened if a couple hairs fall out during the break-in period

-Brush comes ready to go in its own drawstring bag.

-Please reference our FAQ section for tips on breaking in your brush as well as best ways to maintain it.

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