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Mike is a regular family friend of the company. Works his butt off to provide for his wife and kids. Never done anything out of line but deserves the world because he is one of those guys that keeps everything moving in this wild puzzle of a world we live in. He'll never make headlines but he is the backstage guy making sure everything works. He is Mike the Mason. And because I used his name he gets lifetime razors and blades. He wouldn't give me a picture to use but I'll snag one some day. The man deserves some recognition.



Just the greatest neighbor to ever live and one of our favorite people on the planet. Gretta is the Man Bomb specialist. When we met Gretta we weren't too convinced about the Man Bomb concept but boy were we wrong! We tried them and now we're addicted. She can go all day long about the benefits of her little bombs of skin health and we stand by them all day! She loves making these for us every day and we feel it would only be right to share it with everyone else.

When we asked her "Why don't men use these?" She replied, "Because then they would have everything!" She is a hell of a woman.


Plain and simple, we're a bunch of guys who have a passion for products that make ourselves look and feel great. So we thought, why not make 'em. And so here we are. But what made us take the giant step to do it ourselves is the promise that we made to our community. The only thing that makes this truly worthwhile for us is the donation that we will be making at the end of every month to an organization of our choice. Every month we will calculate 5% of our Net Profits, no limit, to donate. This is why we do this. This is why we are here.
LEAVE!! JUST LEAVE!! Shaving should be a ritual. We do it almost every day, if not a few times a week. And we have to take care of our mugs. This is one of the few times out of the week that you get some time to yourself and to determine how you look.
Nowadays, it's not your interview answers that get you the job or your salesmanship that gets the account. No. It's how confident and great your face looks. FACT. Ask anyone. Get with the times.
Below is some contact info if you have any issues with your order whatsoever, or if you just want to bother the hell out of us.
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  Mike the Mason