Below we have some of the most asked questions about our products. Also, please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions about our products at

Q: Why does my brush have a weird smell?

A: Your brush has a weird smell because it is made from pure badger hair. It is a smell similar to fur coats. This is why your brush is very soft and is able to absorb water to create a generous lather. The smell eventually goes away after a few uses. You always want to clean the brush most thoroughly when its brand new.

Q: Are hairs supposed to fall out of my brush?

A: Yes. This is part of the "break in" process. You will notice on your first few uses that there may be some stray hairs that fall out. This is normal.

Q: Any maintenance suggestions?

A: Razor - Be sure to always wipe down your razor and completely dry it after each shave. Water is an enemy of all metals if you let it sit.

Brush - Always fully rinse and fully dry your brush in an open space after every shave.

Soap - When using our soap, in order to get it to last the longest, try to cut off a portion of the soap instead of using the whole bar to create the lather. This prevents you from dealing with a large bar of slimy soap.

Q: Lathering is a bit time consuming. Can I use standard shaving creams?

A: Absolutely. Though our shave soap is recommended and great for your skin, we understand that you may not always have the time to get in a proper shave. This razor works well with your standard shave creams.