Game Changer | Honey Oatmeal Shave Bar
Game Changer | Honey Oatmeal Shave Bar

Game Changer | Honey Oatmeal Shave Bar

So you think you know soap? Enter, the Game Changer, Honey Shea Oatmeal. This is not your average bar of soap. No but seriously, check the label. This is a pretty awesome soap as far as soaps go. Our shave soap is made with several organic ingredients and coupled with oils that are great for your skin and getting that refreshing shave. This soap has a very light scent and so shouldn't bother you as you go through your day. We also include instruction on how to make your shave soap last as long as possible and prevent it from getting all slimy and gross.

-Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic safflower oil, organic sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide (for saponification), rosemary extract, organic shea butter, organic ground oatmeal, honey, aloe, organic olive oil,organic castor oil, organic cocoa butter.

-No additives or fake scents. This is the real deal.

-Please reference our FAQ section for tips about preserving and using your new soap.

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