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MAN BOMBS!! Brought to you by Mike's lovely neighbor and the sweetest lady you will never meet, Gretta. Gretta has been making these for herself for years and once we found out, we knew we had to have them. Gretta has been using the same recipe for some time and she uses ingredients that have some great relaxing and beneficial properties. When we asked her "Why don't men use these?" She replied, "Because then they would have everything!" She is a hell of a woman.


Fill a bath. Poor yourself your favorite whiskey. Jump in bath and drop your bomb.

Below are some of Gretta's ingredients:

Citric Acid - can remove dead skin cells, can fight aging, and has been used to treat acne scars.

Corn Starch - great for your skin. Can remove dead skin cells and it's an anti-inflammatory which is great for rashes, burns, and itching.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) - It can fight acne, pimples and can relieve sunburns.

Epsom Salt - great for soothing sore muscles, can relieve pain, and can ease stress.

Castor Oil - She went on forever about the benefits of this old age oil. Here are some of the main ones: can heal inflamed skin, fights signs of aging, can reduce acne, and can boost your immune system.

Essential Oil - She won't tell us what brand she uses. Can't have everything.

Other ingredients - Food coloring (to make it look super cool). Our girl Gretta keeps it simple.


We work hard. We sweat like hell. We shave. We deserve some rest and relaxation too. Enter Gretta's MAN BOMB. NOT A BATH BOMB. Gretta has concocted a bath cocktail that will sooth our muscles and put us in a state of Euphoria. After months of testing and seeing what formulas still keep us feeling manly in our baths, Gretta has finally perfected our MAN BOMBS. You can't go wrong.

Includes 3 Man Bombs per set

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