Prepare your mug:

You'll want to wet your face with hot water. Best times to shave are right after a shower. You can also use a towel before wetting your face to "pull your hair". This is the practice of using a towel to pull your facial hair for a closer shave.

Step 1: The Instigatuh

You'll want to soak your brush a bit under warm to hot water. This allows your brush to begin absorbing water so you can get a great lather from the Game Changer.

Step 2: Lather 'em up

Some people use their hands for this, but we recommend a small bowl. With a little warm agua and a thin slice of your shave soap, begin creating a lather by swirling your brush. You want to arrive at a thick white lather. Due to there not being additives or harmful detergents in our soap, you may find that this step is a bit longer than usual.

Step 3: Painting your Moneymaker

With the lather on the brush, use it brush on a thick layer on the area of your face you plan shaving. Be sure to generously apply lather and use your brush generously on your face as this helps exfoliate, open pores, and also allows for standing up your hairs for a closer shave. NOTE: You may have to reapply lather midway through your shave depending on the duration of your shave.

Step 4: Shave

You want to find the perfect angle for your shave. So test some strokes and see what is most comfortable. You want to shave with the grain at first. And then you can use your other hand to flatten your skin on your face to get a closer shave. Be sure to wash off the razor every few passes to remove hair and soap from the blade.

Step 5: Post Shave

Rinse your face with cold water. Cold water is great for healing, relief, and closing up those pores. If you have any knicks or cuts, those are areas on your face you may want to be more careful with.